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How you grieve is less important than allowing yourself to grieve the way you need to.

“My golden retriever Katie was a huge part of my life for 13.5 years,” says Regina.

“Many people advocate getting a new pet to replace the emptiness, while others say to wait,” says Sherry on Help Surviving the Loss of Your Pet.

“Personally, I think you have to give yourself a little time to grieve pet loss before jumping into a new puppy given they require so much attention.

It’s easier [for me] to enjoy the charms of an entirely different type of dog.” However, when your dog dies the last thing you may want is another pet – especially if you’re coping with guilty feelings.

If you are, read Dealing With Guilt After Your Dog’s Death.

Pets are an important part of people’s lives today and just as hard to lose as anything else, so it’s very important to just let yourself grieve.” Some people grieve by creating a pet memorial, or cremating their dog’s ashes, or writing poems.I am of the belief that you have to accept that the grief will be as profound, if not more so, than if you lost a human member of your family.And you need to surround yourself with people who understand that.” People who don’t share your love of pets will not understand your sense of loss.“I have been lucky that I’ve always had another pet at home to help me through the sadness – and they do feel the loss of their friend, too,” says Carol, who knows what to do when your dog dies.“And I have gone on to get other pets to fill the void.

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We sat in a circle and each guest told a happy story about Katie. After that I passed a balloon around and, as it reached each person, they had to express a wish for Katie in Eternity.